Net Present Value of Your Time

Jul 15, 2019

Accountants and Financial Wizards know how to calculate Net Present Value, that is the present value as compared to some future projected value.

We can do the same with our time choices. What is the value of the activities you are deciding between...not today, but well into the future.

The Net Present Value of kid's soccer games, of executing on a business plan, of eating and exercising right cannot be measured in short time scales. Instead, they should be measured in lifetimes and legacies.

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Goals Don't Work, Actions Do

Jul 02, 2019

Well apparently I got a few of you fired up yesterday when I said something crazy, which is that goals don't work. I'm not alone in this. James Clear says the same thing in the book atomic habits. He says, "I've found that goals are good for planning. Your progress and systems are good for actually making progress."

I've come to define goals this way. Goals are a temporary place holder for a thought experiment. You see, a goal is simply there to help you think backwards. The actions you need to take today.

Scott Adams goes even further on this. He says, goals are for losers because you see, if you look high performers and low performers both have goals, but higher performers have systems. They don't worry too much about the goals and they focus on the systems that actually get them there. He says, you don't need goals.

What you actually need are simple systems that improve your odds. So today as we're again, continuing on this path of revisiting our goals for 2019 we visited and our...

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