Action Cures Fear

Jun 28, 2019

Action cures fear. Inaction breeds terror. This was said by Douglas Horton.

So many of us wait around to feel motivated before we get into action, when in fact, action will cause motivation. The fear, the anxiety we feel will actually start to go away as we get into the right action on them. 

Sometimes we feel like we have to take massive action toward a goal. Not True! We simply need to take some action--Micro-actions moving toward our goal.  As we do that, the fear, the anxiety will begin to go away.

One of two things will happen when you take action. First, you'll move toward your goal and that's great. It gives you great information that you should do more of that activity. Or it won't work, it won't move you towards your goal. Either way, you're going to feel great that you did something. Now take a new action and move toward your goal.

We often get paralyzed waiting for motivation to show up. Instead, let's take action and let the action create...

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