Real Estate Disruption: Race Before The Race

Aug 06, 2019

Part 2 of how to win amidst the tech disruption.

Tech companies and new real estate companies are competing for first contact with sellers. To win in this new landscape, you must learn to win the race before the race.

Get to sellers LONG before anyone else, by identifying your target clients and becoming their real estate agent before they are even thinking about needing a real estate agent.

Become a valuable resource, serve your clients, own your network of homeownership tools and resources. Then, when your clients need a realtor, they automatically choose you.

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Win Amidst Tech Disruption--First to the Seller

Aug 05, 2019

Technology companies entering the Real Estate space are racing to be the first to sellers. They do this through two methods:

1. Discovery offers designed to reveal potential sellers- "We'll buy your home" or "Here's a deal if you sell with us."

2. Sticky apps- That is an app or online platform which becomes your go-to real estate resource throughout the entire life cycle of home ownership.

Real estate agents MUST be watching this battle closely. This is the future of your career. And in your own business, ask: How can I be the first to the seller and defend that first place position?

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Netflix DID NOT kill Blockbuster

Aug 02, 2019
Netflix DID NOT kill Blockbuster.
Netflix is not the only reason Blockbuster folded. Blockbuster died a death of 1000 cuts:the transition to digital, streaming services, convenience, late fees, membership, platform, and original content.
AND No one entity (eg Zillow) will kill the big firms in Real Estate or individual agents. Instead, the threat will be a percentage lost to iBuyers, a few more to a digital lead gen system, a few more to a investor platform, etc, etc, etc.
If you are in Real Estate, pay careful attention to the disruption of your industry.
If you are in another industry, watch real estate to see a case study in disruption in REAL TIME.
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The Rap Battle that Changed my Business

Jul 30, 2019

To improve your business, learn to think like an economist.  My journey started with a rap battle video.

Learn how people make decisions, how incentives work, and the reality of "studies show that..."

When you learn to think like an economist, you will get more results and transform your business.


The Rap Battle Videos:

Fear The Boom And Bust on YouTube

Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Battle Round Two


Economics in One Lesson (Free PDF)




McAlvany Weekly Commentary

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Source of Motivation

Jul 29, 2019

Self-Motivated people have two big challenges related to motivation: knowing how to motivate others and motivating themselves on the days that the motivation just doesn't show up.

There is one reliable source of motivation. It works EVERY time!

Is it chants? Pumping up the music? TED Videos or some "motivational" book? NO, NO, and NO.

The most reliable source of motivation is taking one right action. Take an action in the right direction (no matter how small) will create a kernel of motivation, which will prompt a new action, which will create new motivation. Until magically, you are filled with motivation and taking great action.

For motivating others, don't try to make them "feel" motivated. Just get a commitment to one right action. For those who don't take the action, you have a new conversation. For those who do, you will start the virtuous cycle of action and motivation that really get's stuff done.

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West Salem Business Alliance

Jul 26, 2019

Today I spoke at the West Salem Business Alliance, a super engaged group of business leaders and owners.

Thank you!

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Faith And Work Friday: Your Purpose is NOT your Life

Jul 26, 2019

Your purpose is not your life. In fact, your life is found in the pursuit of your chosen purpose.

This way of thinking gives immense freedom--you can choose your purpose, you can change your purpose, it is neither fixed nor hidden.

In fact, our character is formed in the crucible of pursuit, of moving toward, and not in arriving or achieving.

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Numbers and Culture

Jul 24, 2019

Numbers are often dreaded by sales teams and by business leaders.

Properly understood, numbers become the foundation of your company's culture.  How is this possible?  Because numbers do the following:

  1. Numbers represent people
  2. Your people's income is driven by numbers
  3. Numbers represent reality

Watch to learn how you can make numbers a big part of your company culture.

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15 Minutes to Success

Jul 23, 2019

Getting things done begins with getting started. You can accomplish more than you think by getting started--each and every day.

With just 15 minutes of focused effort, you will most often find motivation as you see results and the beginnings of success. And more often than not, you will actually work longer on the things that matter most.

More than that, by making small progress each day, you will continue to be motivated toward that progress, rather than feeling guilt and frustration that lead to demotivation.

What do you need to start on today? Give it just 15 minutes.

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Simplify to Grow

Jul 22, 2019

When it comes to our business, we can learn a lot from simplification. Specifically, evaluate your money, time, and service offerings using the standards of simplifying.

In the simplification movement, the standard for keeping something is not "some value" but "High-Value." In business, we should not get just any benefit from an expense, use of time, or service offering, but multiples of ROI.

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