What You Don't Do--The Audit

Nov 06, 2019

What you DON'T Do has as much impact on your results as what you DO.  What is it that you are not doing, that if you did do it, would change your outcomes?

The first step in discovering these is to take a personal time audit. Carry a notebook for 3-5 days and record every hour what you actually did. 

After this time, review your time and look not only at what you did, but what is conspicuously missing? It's time to make time to get these missing actions done.

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What You Don't Do Matters

Nov 04, 2019

Do the same items on your to-do list remain unfinished and migrate once again onto the next week's to-do list?

Do you do things you would rather not, and so leave unfinished the things that matter most?

What you don't do matters.  Those undone activities could make the biggest difference in your productivity and fulfillment.  Additionally, you will need to intentionally choose what NOT to do to make space for the things that matter most. 

This next two weeks, we will explore What You Don't Do Matters.

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Pick a Lane--Commit the Time

Nov 01, 2019

As you choose a niche-a market segment in which you become the agent-of-choice, recognize, this will not happen in some grand moment. One email, blog post, announcement, or press release. Instead, it will happen with the hundreds of little activities taken consistently and frequently.

As we've discussed before, consistency beats intensity. And this is especially true in branding to earn market share. When you meet someone and give them your business card, you are forgotten within minutes. When you show up week in and week out providing value, great insight, and incredible customer service, you are unforgettable.

What community do you show up in every week that is THE lane for your business?

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Pick a Lane-Faith and Work

Nov 01, 2019

When we consider the narrow market niches in which we have influence, our faith community has important considerations. 

What is appropriate for conducting business during faith gatherings? Who do I have permission to market to? How do I bring my business resources and skills in to serve the inside and outside my faith community?

What are your personal and professional guidelines for the intersection of your business and your faith community? 

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Pick a Lane-Viability of your Market

Oct 30, 2019

Now that you've decided on a nich which fits your ideal schedule and interests, you must be certain that your community contains a viable market. Are there enough leads within your community to support your business?

You may love left-handed ornithologists named Burt, but are there enough of those who will do business with you to support your business?

We want to pick a narrow lane, but not too narrow.

What lane does your business specialize in?

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Pick a Lane-Ideal Schedule

Oct 29, 2019

Don't be just another voice in the crowd, be distinguished as THE expert in your chosen niche. 

Importantly, choose a niche that fits your ideal schedule and is something you actually care about. 

What is your niche? I'd love to hear and share with the world about your chosen focus.

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Pick a Lane

Oct 28, 2019

When you create an abundant business and an abundant life, you will need to create a business built around one very narrow and particular niche. When I coach real estate agents, we look for that community and area of expertise around which the agent can focus all their energy.

With new challenges and competitors entering the marketplace, our business will remain defensible when it meets the very specific needs of one community at an extremely high level.  

What is your lane? What niche are you mastering?

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Index Card Your 2020 Business Plan

Oct 25, 2019

Whenever I ask business owners and real estate agents for their business plan, if they have one (few do), they often have to dig in a drawer and dust it off. They certainly have not been executing on it.

The Abundant Agent Business Plan fits on ONE index card. 

On one side, write the big vision for the year, including revenue, profit, and 1-2 key measures, like units sold or new clients.

On the other side, write three key rhythms: daily, weekly, and monthly. For your daily rhythm, what are the 3-4 activities you must complete daily? For your weekly rhythm, build an ideal week, where every day is different, but every week is the same. For example, follow up on Mondays, new business on Tuesdays, B2B on Wednesdays... Monthly, have a rhythm for projects or major marketing pieces and time with your money.

By having a simple execution strategy that you can achieve week in and week out, day in and day out, your big yearly vision will be guaranteed!

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Spending 2020 Business Plan [Real Estate Keynote Speaker Josh Friberg]

Oct 25, 2019

Many a business with great revenues has been destroyed by imprudent spending. Usually spending too much and sometimes failing to invest in back into the business.

As you write your 2020 business plan, what expenses can you expect for 2020? Consistent or fixed expenses, variable expenses, costs of sales, and capitol expenses (reinvestment) all can be planned for, budgeted for, and spent with wisdom and business savvy.

Plan your expenses for 2020 and maintain the profit you require to live out your vision.

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Leads-Your 2020 Business Plan

Oct 23, 2019

Whatever your business and whatever size your business plan, your first and most important question to answer is "Do I have enough leads?" 

Who is going to hire you? Who is going to buy your widgets? And how will you find them?

The two primary ways to get leads are to seek them out (prospecting) and to attract them to you (marketing). The leads part of the plan is to create an executable strategy to find those leads for your business.

Abundance in your business may start with vision and require profit, but it lives and dies with leads.

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