Bozeman MT--Index Card Business Plan

Nov 22, 2019

Can you boil your entire business plan to 4 numbers that fit on an index card?

These real estate agents in Bozeman, MT learn how.

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Kalispell, MT--Business Planning Clinic

Nov 20, 2019

This week I am in Montana. Monday, I taught business planning in Kalispell.

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What You Don't Do--Seek First

Nov 15, 2019

Busyness describes the world of so many real estate and insurance agents. How do you keep your faith life front and center while running a growing business?

"Seek first God's Kingdom and justice." These words help us to seek our faith first thing each day, so that it may permeate everything that we do.

For people of faith, faith is not something added on to the top of our lives, but the foundation upon which all is built.

If you have not been starting your day engaged in your faith life, try it today!

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What You Don't Do--From Fear To Freedom

Nov 14, 2019

Many real estate and insurance agents experience the fear of missing out. We endure a constant barrage of messaging that tells us we might be missing out on something "epic," "of-the-century," or "mind-blowing." This has trained us to chase these novel experiences which so often are disappointing. 

As a trade off, we neglect the things we know will move us forward--simple, mundane and SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Here's the upside-down reality: when you choose to ignore the "fear of missing out," and choose the good you know you would prefer, you will experience something new: the FREEDOM of missing out! That's right, by choosing to not be controlled by the fear, the tyranny of the next "can't miss" moment, you will experience untold freedom. You will be in control of your life and actions, and actually move toward abundance in your life and your business.

Where do you need to embrace the freedom of missing out?

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What You Don't Do--Matter vs. Anti-Matter

Nov 13, 2019

While working with real estate and insurance agents, they describe being distracted from what matters most by what "does not matter."  The truth is much more sinister!

The opposite of what matters is NOT what doesn't matter, it's what Anti-matters.  That's right, what we've discovered is that when we trade doing what matters for something else, it annihilates the good work we do--it has a negative effect.

When agents engage our systems to do more of what matters most, the results are astounding! They find greater abundance in their business and their life.  

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What You Don't Do--Decision Fatigue

Nov 12, 2019

As I meet with real estate and insurance agents, what I consistently hear are reports that they know what they ought to be doing, but aren't getting it done.

What most people don't know is that when you restructure your time and activities to get this unrealized activities done, you get greater productivity, peace of mind, and decision making power back.

Once they make the ONE decision to execute daily on the things that matter, they no longer have to go through the daily debate of whether or not to.

The results are astounding! Without the need to make dozens of decisions, you will take more right actions (which feels great!) and have more decision making power left over for when you need it most.

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What You Don't Do--Quit

Nov 11, 2019

We've all been taught not to quit and the importance of seeing things through.  However, if we never quit anything, we become overcommitted, resentful, and engaged in activities that no longer serve us.

When you are making space for important activities that haven't been getting done, you will need to strategically quit. 

What do you need to quit today?

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Faith and Work- What You Don't Do Matters--Make your Yes, YES!

Nov 08, 2019

As we continue our conversation on doing more of what matters by reclaiming the activities that are missing, one excellent piece of wisdom is the counsel to "Make your yes-YES and your no-NO."

Honoring your word and keeping commitments remains the hallmark of integrity in business. This leads not only to doing right, but doing well as a result.

How do you make certain that you honor your word in work?

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What You Don't Do--Saying NO

Nov 07, 2019

When you make the decision to start new habits and activities, you will invariably need to say "NO" to make space and time for these new activities. 

Many of us feel very uncomfortable saying "No" to a reasonable request. Perhaps we don't like the discomfort, don't want to reject a person, or feel compelled to justify our no. When you say "no" to a request, it's not about the other person, it's not about accepting or rejecting them.  Your "no" is about your choices and your values.

To say "yes" to what matters to you, you must say "No" to what (by default) matters less to you. 

What do you need to say no to today?

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What You Don't Do--Negotiate

Nov 06, 2019

When you decide that there are activities that you have been neglecting, by necessity, you will need to stop doing some of your current actions to make time. However, you have created a network and web of people depending on you to continue to show up as you have.

You cannot simply stop what you've been doing, instead, you must intentionally negotiate with these people.  Good News!  When done well, your family, coworkers, clients, and everyone else become your allies in your new life and work changes. Instead of impeding you, they help clear the path for your new success. 

What do you need to negotiate that you would stop doing to make time for something important that is not being done?

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