Do Not Set Goals

Aug 23, 2019

Goals are given WAY to much credit for creating success. A goal has never created success, only action can create success.

Goals ought not master us, instead, we must learn to master using goals as placeholders to reverse engineer to right action. Then, once actions are decided, we focus on hitting the right action each day and week.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but goals are over-hyped. Set the right actions, the right systems, and the right habits; do not set goals.

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Think Smaller

Aug 22, 2019

Thinking big gets you started on your success. To get to your next level, you may need to Think Smaller.

Your life is made up of the things you do every single day. By thinking small, you create the daily actions that add up to your success.

And there’s an even better benefit: you get to have a win every day! Don’t wait months or years; have a win today, by thinking small.

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Sleep Your Way to Success

Aug 21, 2019

Most of us are chronically sleep deprived. The research is clear: almost all of us need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Your success may be hindered by inadequate sleep.

When you are sleep deprived, your creativity, energy, and will power are diminished.

Protect your sleep by:
1. Going to bed at the same time EVERY night
2. Set up a good nighttime routine
3. Use your bed only for sleep

What changes do you intend to make to your sleep routine?

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Quit Your Way To Success

Aug 20, 2019

It's upside-down week, where we examine contradictory and counter-intuitive pathways to success.

In your early life and career, you create success by saying "Yes" to opportunity and demonstrating competence. As you progress, this blessing becomes a curse, as you carry a full schedule of obligations from previously fruitful opportunities.

To achieve your next level of success will require you to QUIT. Quit habits that no longer serve you, quit marketing that no longer produces results, quit networking groups that aren't producing an ROI, Quit, Quit, Quit.

It has been said that quitters never win and winners never quit. There is a deeper truth, winners quit all the time to focus more energy on the things that matter most.

What do you need to quit today?

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Real Estate Disruption: Amazon Reology Deal

Aug 08, 2019

So many of you have reached out to ask about this deal between Reology and Amazon. Here's what's important about this deal.

For DECADES, The real estate industry has been about serving real estate agents who then serve consumers. This deal represents a BIG move by a consumer facing company to the consumer. And with Amazon, it's about getting into the life cycle of home ownership from the time a person is interested in buying a home through home ownership and through the sale of the home.

With the Reology deal, Amazon has found a way to do three things: get into the consumer lifecycle of home ownership, get their listening devices normalized into the home, and train their AI and machine-learning on the real estate industry.

Real estate agents: Watch this deal closely! And figure out how to be part of the entire cycle of your clients ownership of a home.

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Real Estate Disruption: Become More Human

Aug 07, 2019

In the classic literary trope Man Vs Machine, there is always a dark side, Though humanity wins out in the story, it comes at a great cost. John Henry beats the steel driving machine, but dies in the process.

To truly win, we cannot fight the machines on their terms; instead, fight the battle where the machine's cannot win. Don't try to be faster or more available than Amazon. Instead, be MORE HUMAN.

How do we be more human: master human connection--sympathy, empathy, wisdom, understanding, negotiations, values. Then enter into a human experience of real estate, not simply a transaction.

Want to win the war of humans vs machines? Become more human!

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Real Estate Disruption: Race Before The Race

Aug 06, 2019

Part 2 of how to win amidst the tech disruption.

Tech companies and new real estate companies are competing for first contact with sellers. To win in this new landscape, you must learn to win the race before the race.

Get to sellers LONG before anyone else, by identifying your target clients and becoming their real estate agent before they are even thinking about needing a real estate agent.

Become a valuable resource, serve your clients, own your network of homeownership tools and resources. Then, when your clients need a realtor, they automatically choose you.

#theabundantagent #dowhatmatterstoday #realestatedisruption

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Win Amidst Tech Disruption--First to the Seller

Aug 05, 2019

Technology companies entering the Real Estate space are racing to be the first to sellers. They do this through two methods:

1. Discovery offers designed to reveal potential sellers- "We'll buy your home" or "Here's a deal if you sell with us."

2. Sticky apps- That is an app or online platform which becomes your go-to real estate resource throughout the entire life cycle of home ownership.

Real estate agents MUST be watching this battle closely. This is the future of your career. And in your own business, ask: How can I be the first to the seller and defend that first place position?

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Netflix DID NOT kill Blockbuster

Aug 02, 2019
Netflix DID NOT kill Blockbuster.
Netflix is not the only reason Blockbuster folded. Blockbuster died a death of 1000 cuts:the transition to digital, streaming services, convenience, late fees, membership, platform, and original content.
AND No one entity (eg Zillow) will kill the big firms in Real Estate or individual agents. Instead, the threat will be a percentage lost to iBuyers, a few more to a digital lead gen system, a few more to a investor platform, etc, etc, etc.
If you are in Real Estate, pay careful attention to the disruption of your industry.
If you are in another industry, watch real estate to see a case study in disruption in REAL TIME.
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The Rap Battle that Changed my Business

Jul 30, 2019

To improve your business, learn to think like an economist.  My journey started with a rap battle video.

Learn how people make decisions, how incentives work, and the reality of "studies show that..."

When you learn to think like an economist, you will get more results and transform your business.


The Rap Battle Videos:

Fear The Boom And Bust on YouTube

Keynes vs. Hayek Rap Battle Round Two


Economics in One Lesson (Free PDF)




McAlvany Weekly Commentary

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