Why Have a Morning Routine?

Sep 26, 2019

Having a Morning Routine gives your great benefits towards building an abundant life and abundant business.

Following a morning routine will:

-Strengthen your skills of self-management and time-management.
-Trade low value for high value activities
-Give you a daily win early

What benefits have you received from implementing a strong morning routine?

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Anchorage Business Planning Clinic

Sep 25, 2019

On September 19th, I facilitated 90 real estate agents writing their 2020 business plans in Anchorage, AK.

Each year, agents start with big dreams and goals, however, many do not have a plan, an executable strategy of daily activities to improve their chances of creating the abundance they want.

What are your big goal for 2020?
What is your simple strategy for making it happen?

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Alaska Association of Realtors Convention

Sep 25, 2019

On September 18th, I presented at the opening of the Alaska Association of Realtors Convention.

Do What Matters Today, where we talked about the value of our work, how to prioritize the activities that make a difference, and get into action.

Thank you to MVI Realty for sponsoring my session.

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Faith and Work Friday: Sabbath 3.0

Sep 13, 2019

Sabbath-Keeping isn't just for you, it is also about you giving rest to others.

How can we practice the Sabbath in such a way as to provide rest for others and to value the full humanity of others? As well as providing rest for all of creation (animals, the land, water, etc).

Faith and work includes resting from our work and reflecting on that valuable rest.

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Faith and Work Friday: Sabbath 2.0

Sep 13, 2019

On this faith and work friday, we come back to Sabbath to consider how practicing Sabbath-Keeping will give you a greater sense of your personal value irrespective of your productivity and "doing."

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Faith and Work: Sabbath 1.0

Sep 13, 2019

Practicing Sabbath brings rest, rejuvenation, and higher levels of productivity in the other 6 days.

As you look to integrate your faith life with your work life, consider Sabbath-Keeping as an invaluable practice. This will help you dedicate your work to God and enter into sacred rest and worship while away from work.

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Real Estate Tech Disruption: iBuyers

Aug 29, 2019

iBuyers are impacting the real estate industry.

Very soon, instant offers will become the first point of contact for a majority of sellers looking to sell their home. Additionally, iBuyer programs will be a regular service offering for successful real estate agents.

Pay attention to this new development in real estate tech disruption.

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Real Estate Tech Disruption: Artificial Intelligence

Aug 27, 2019

Artificial Intelligence has come to real estate. You will see new insights in contract to close, appraisal, consumer experience, and smart CRMs for agents.

Smart agents will choose their tech partners wisely and get to know their tech options well. Many agents will lose in the next wave of PropTech 3.0, however successful agents who stay sharp and continue to grow their skills.

How are you using AI now?

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Real Estate Tech Disruption

Aug 27, 2019

$15 billion invested in PropTech in the last two years Is changing the real estate industry. While some technology has made the real estate transaction more smooth as it was 15 or 20 years ago, it is still much more opaque and complicated for the consumer than any other transaction. Wall Street and Silicon Valley are looking at the $66 billion of commissions that real estate agents are making, And seeing inefficiency in the transaction. This is bringing new and disruptive technologies into the industry: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, iBuyers, Digital consumer experience, and smart CRMs. The agent of the future is determined by paying attention to the technology changes happening now.

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More Human--Portland, OR

Aug 24, 2019

Over $15 Billion invested in PropTech (funding real estate related technology companies) in the last two years impacts the future of real estate agents even now. How will agents come out ahead and provide amazing service and value to home buyers and sellers: by being MORE HUMAN.

In this class, 25 agents focused on the past, present, and future of real estate and how best to compete.

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