Abundance Now!

Dec 03, 2019

How do we experience abundance now?

So many of us our motivated and ambitious, which means we are thinking about and working toward a better future. Often this leads to a sense of lack. How so? We may find ourselves saying, "I'll be happy when..." "I will start doing that once I have..." Abundance thinking starts with NOW. Right now, we can be thankful and happy. Right now, we can do the things we know we ought to without waiting.

One example from a client of mine is health. He found himself saying, "I am so busy and financially we are strapped. I'll take care of my health when we have more money for a gym membership and I have more time when work slows down. When we exposed this as an area where he did not live in abundance, I asked, "If you had to take care of your health NOW, how would you do it?" He created a simple nutrition and exercise plan (mostly a healthy breakfast and walking daily) that he could start now, even before the fancy gym and full-time staff nutritionist and...

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Abundance as Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2019

In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving, this millenia old tradition of the host people of this nation. In our ongoing conversation of abundance, gratitude and giving thanks stand as cornerstone in developing a deep sense of abundance.

What do you give thanks for in your business? And in your life?

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Abundance as Presence

Nov 27, 2019

We live objectively abundant lives. From an historic and global perspective, most all of us have and experience more than enough-wealth, health, joy, and relationship. If we lack it is in the areas of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Presence is the solution to so much of what is missing. By simply paying attention to the overwhelming richness of our current lives, we can step instantly into abundance. We spend so much of our attention looking at what we do not have.

Today, take a few minutes to ponder what you do have and be present to the opportunities, people, and richness of life you have. This is abundance.

Where will you choose to be present today?

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What is Abundance?

Nov 25, 2019

We exist to help agents, real estate and insurance, have greater abundance in their personal life and in their business. What is abundance?

Abundance comprises many things, most are intangible. In fact, the intangibles in your life--values, work ethic, mastery, skills and more--create the tangibles--wealth, houses, money, etc. 

This week, we are focusing on abundance for our business and personal lives.


What does abundance look like for you?


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Abundance Out The Window

Nov 22, 2019

When we go to beautiful places, it's easy to see the abundance in life. Much of that abundance we experience results less from the beauty and more from our attention to it. 

Abundance, wonder, beauty are all available daily, right out our own windshield and front door. Attend to the abundance available in your business, your relationships and your life, and you will be overwhelmed by the wonder that abounds.

Where do you see abundance in your life today?

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Bozeman MT--Index Card Business Plan

Nov 22, 2019

Can you boil your entire business plan to 4 numbers that fit on an index card?

These real estate agents in Bozeman, MT learn how.

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Kalispell, MT--Business Planning Clinic

Nov 20, 2019

This week I am in Montana. Monday, I taught business planning in Kalispell.

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What You Don't Do--Seek First

Nov 15, 2019

Busyness describes the world of so many real estate and insurance agents. How do you keep your faith life front and center while running a growing business?

"Seek first God's Kingdom and justice." These words help us to seek our faith first thing each day, so that it may permeate everything that we do.

For people of faith, faith is not something added on to the top of our lives, but the foundation upon which all is built.

If you have not been starting your day engaged in your faith life, try it today!

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What You Don't Do--From Fear To Freedom

Nov 14, 2019

Many real estate and insurance agents experience the fear of missing out. We endure a constant barrage of messaging that tells us we might be missing out on something "epic," "of-the-century," or "mind-blowing." This has trained us to chase these novel experiences which so often are disappointing. 

As a trade off, we neglect the things we know will move us forward--simple, mundane and SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Here's the upside-down reality: when you choose to ignore the "fear of missing out," and choose the good you know you would prefer, you will experience something new: the FREEDOM of missing out! That's right, by choosing to not be controlled by the fear, the tyranny of the next "can't miss" moment, you will experience untold freedom. You will be in control of your life and actions, and actually move toward abundance in your life and your business.

Where do you need to embrace the freedom of missing out?

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What You Don't Do--Matter vs. Anti-Matter

Nov 13, 2019

While working with real estate and insurance agents, they describe being distracted from what matters most by what "does not matter."  The truth is much more sinister!

The opposite of what matters is NOT what doesn't matter, it's what Anti-matters.  That's right, what we've discovered is that when we trade doing what matters for something else, it annihilates the good work we do--it has a negative effect.

When agents engage our systems to do more of what matters most, the results are astounding! They find greater abundance in their business and their life.  

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