Daily Compass--How to Walk 1000 miles

Oct 10, 2019

1000 miles isn't that far. 2500 Sales calls is easy. Read 36 books, piece of cake!

Taken at once, any of these accomplishments looks daunting. Taken one day at a time, EVERY DAY, these are easy. Walk just 3 miles, make 10 sales calls, and read 20 pages and you will conquer the seemingly insurmountable. On any given day, these activities seem microscopic and ineffectual. Taken together, every day over the course of a year, and you are a transformed person!

Humans don't progress in a linear fashion. We progress along a parabolic curve (hockey stick graph). In the first days and months, very little seems to be happening. Given enough time, you'll be walking farther, building amazing client relationships, and reading more interesting, richer books. You're growth will be imperceivable until it is unmistakable.

The Daily Compass is your tool to stay on course.  Download today: theabundantagent.com/compass

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Daily Compass-Consistency Beats Intensity

Oct 09, 2019

When you tell the story of your success, do you typically talk about the BIG events, massive failures and resounding victories. Or do you describe the minutes, hours, and days of consistent, semi-mundane activities that when accumulated make you the success you are?

If you desire more success, do you look for big, fast-working solutions? Or do you find those few small, incremental changes that when added up over the course of years will transform and transport you into your imagined future?

The fact is, consistency beats intensity. Your life IS the result of thousands and millions of SMALL* decisions and actions. The Daily Compass is your tool to execute on these small, consistent actions that make big, intense abundance. 

Download the Daily Compass Tool TODAY: theabundantagent.com/compass


*Yes, I am aware that it's ironic to write the word SMALL in all-caps

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Daily Compass--Life is Daily

Oct 08, 2019

"If there is a secret, it is that life is daily. You will win life by creating one small win today...and when tomorrow is today, do it again." -Josh Friberg, Do What Matters Today

With The Daily Compass, you can create a game for yourself that you can win today! Then go out and win that game. Victories in life do not happen in a moment, they happen with thousands of right decisions which when added, multiplied, and compounded together create amazing accomplishments.

The Daily Compass serves as your tool to create such a series of small, hidden, secret wins that become the life of abundance you seek.

Download the Daily Compass at www.theabundantagent.com/compass

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Morning Routine--Orient Your Day

Oct 04, 2019

The VERY FIRST thing you do each morning orients your day. That activity determines what your mind will be focused on. If you start your day with your news feed or social media feed, then someone else (or something else) dictates your orientation.

With an intentional morning routine, you decide where to orient yourself. Are you pointed to True North? When you are, every decision throughout the day relates to that initial course--either staying on course or diverting off of it. It is much easier to stay on the right course when you start on it than to find the right course when you've started on a different path.

For many, Faith is your True North. Your relationship with your creator is the foundation of every other value and choice in your life. And the first minutes of your day serve as your best opportunity to ground yourself in that faith.

What do you do each morning to orient yourself to True North?

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Morning Routine--Nutrition

Oct 03, 2019

Food impacts your life more than almost anything else. It determines your energy, your health, your mobility, influences mood, decision-making, and productivity. But food isn't something that you get right just once. It is the consistent, daily practice of right eating that makes a difference.

Just a difference of 125 calories up or down is the difference of over 30 pounds of weight loss or 30 pounds of weight gain over 3 years--which is a 60 pound difference.

Your morning routine stands as the best time to take control of your nutrition, both by eating right in the morning and planning your eating for the day.

What do you eat each morning?

How is it helping you or not with doing what matters today?

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Morning Routine--Get Ready for the Ride

Oct 02, 2019

Years ago, I was mountain biking in Nepal.  One day, we spent the entire morning grinding up to a high mountain pass, miles upon miles, hour upon hour. At last we arrived at the top. We enjoyed hours of descending at top speed on the other side.

This is how our morning routine functions. You spend your morning storing up the energy to go at top speed throughout the day and enjoy the ride!

What in your morning routine gives you the most energy?

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Morning Routine--Exercise

Oct 01, 2019

Getting your body ready creates a foundation for a great and energizing morning routine. Today, we are discussing exercise: how to move and create a body that moves well.

Do nagging injuries and decades of gravity getting you down?  These little pains are more than inconvenience, they hamper our enjoyment of life and hold back our productivity.

In this video, I share two important values I've used to build a morning routine that works: Consistency over Intensity, and Counteract Gravity Daily.

What does your daily exercise look like?

What benefits do you notice?

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Morning Routine--Controlling Electronics

Sep 30, 2019

The biggest culprit in sabotaging a morning routine which fuels an abundant business and life is electronics.  Our smartphones, tablets, and other screens are more enticing, addictive, and seductive than the powerful habits of reading, exercise, and journaling.

In this video, I cover two strategies for controlling your electronics so that they do not control you.

Which apps or devices trip up your morning routine?

What strategies do you use to control your electronics?

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Morning Routine--Body, Mind, and Soul

Sep 27, 2019

How do you use your morning routine to fuel your body, mind, and soul.

As you build your morning routine, consider adding healthy ways to feed, grow, and fuel your mind through reading, planning, and journaling.

Likewise, we can build up our spirits or souls through reading of sacred texts, prayer, and meditation.

Done once or twice, these practices accomplish little.  Done daily for years, decades, and a lifetime transforms us into the people we are called to be, people of abundance, peace, and grace.

What new spiritual practice would you like to install in your morning routine?

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Morning Routine--Calculate Your Bedtime

Sep 26, 2019

A successful morning starts the night before.  To create a morning that powers an abundant business and an abundant life, we must start by deciding when to consistently go to bed.

When we wake up rested, we can choose the right activities to fuel a productive day.

Get your Morning Routine Bedtime Calculator at theabundantagent.com/bedtime 

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