What You Don't Do--From Fear To Freedom

Nov 14, 2019

Many real estate and insurance agents experience the fear of missing out. We endure a constant barrage of messaging that tells us we might be missing out on something "epic," "of-the-century," or "mind-blowing." This has trained us to chase these novel experiences which so often are disappointing. 

As a trade off, we neglect the things we know will move us forward--simple, mundane and SUPER EFFECTIVE!

Here's the upside-down reality: when you choose to ignore the "fear of missing out," and choose the good you know you would prefer, you will experience something new: the FREEDOM of missing out! That's right, by choosing to not be controlled by the fear, the tyranny of the next "can't miss" moment, you will experience untold freedom. You will be in control of your life and actions, and actually move toward abundance in your life and your business.

Where do you need to embrace the freedom of missing out?


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