Time Travel

Jun 27, 2019


There's an amazing scene in the old movie Back to the Future that I think perfectly depicts, one of the challenges that we face everyday with our productivity.

I don't know if you remember this scene, but it's during the Under the Sea Dance, and Marty's up on stage playing guitar.  He's looking at a photo of him and his siblings in the distant future that are being impacted by what's happening right at that moment.   And because different choices are being made, his brother and his sister start to disappear from the photo and, in fact, he starts to disappear. You'll remember his hand fades and disappears as it looks like maybe his parents aren't gonna get together.

When you think about the goals that you have about the legacy that you're trying to leave, what I want you to do is I want you to think about that picture that you have of the future. Then like a good time traveler, reverse engineer back to today and make choices that move you toward that picture and not the choices that move you away from it. This can be a powerful way for you to get into the right action in the right activities. When you're weighing something that's maybe loud or urgent that's right in front of you versus those quiet, quiet dreams and visions that you have that just whisper to you from the distant future. And when you bring that future into the present, now you can weigh those two things and make powerful choices and become powerful time travelers.

Try Time traveling today as you decide what activities you're going to do that move you toward your legacy.


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