Source of Motivation

Jul 29, 2019

Self-Motivated people have two big challenges related to motivation: knowing how to motivate others and motivating themselves on the days that the motivation just doesn't show up.

There is one reliable source of motivation. It works EVERY time!

Is it chants? Pumping up the music? TED Videos or some "motivational" book? NO, NO, and NO.

The most reliable source of motivation is taking one right action. Take an action in the right direction (no matter how small) will create a kernel of motivation, which will prompt a new action, which will create new motivation. Until magically, you are filled with motivation and taking great action.

For motivating others, don't try to make them "feel" motivated. Just get a commitment to one right action. For those who don't take the action, you have a new conversation. For those who do, you will start the virtuous cycle of action and motivation that really get's stuff done.


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