Real Estate Disruption: Amazon Reology Deal

Aug 08, 2019

So many of you have reached out to ask about this deal between Reology and Amazon. Here's what's important about this deal.

For DECADES, The real estate industry has been about serving real estate agents who then serve consumers. This deal represents a BIG move by a consumer facing company to the consumer. And with Amazon, it's about getting into the life cycle of home ownership from the time a person is interested in buying a home through home ownership and through the sale of the home.

With the Reology deal, Amazon has found a way to do three things: get into the consumer lifecycle of home ownership, get their listening devices normalized into the home, and train their AI and machine-learning on the real estate industry.

Real estate agents: Watch this deal closely! And figure out how to be part of the entire cycle of your clients ownership of a home.


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