Price of Freedom in Business

Jul 03, 2019

Tomorrow, those of us here in the United States get a great opportunity to celebrate independence and to celebrate freedom. I love working with entrepreneurs and small business owners as coaching clients. And when I get to speak and teach workshops to those folks, I love it because, like me, they really love freedom. They love that they get to be free to own their own business, to create their business the way they want it to be.

What I find is that many of them have become slaves to their business. Many of them have become servants of their telephone and email. The reality is, and I want to use a phrase that we commonly use in a different context, "freedom isn't free." What I mean by that is when it comes to freedom, life, freedom in our business, it requires us to be disciplined--to create a plan, and then execute on that plan in a consistent way to create discipline that forms habits around systems that get us to our goals. 

What systems do you have in place that you need to be executing on more consistently, more fully so that you can get the freedom that you wanted when you got into this business, when you got in to this line of work?

Give it a try today. Take a look at your systems and see which systems you need to have the freedom that you're looking for.


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