Morning Routine--Orient Your Day

Oct 04, 2019

The VERY FIRST thing you do each morning orients your day. That activity determines what your mind will be focused on. If you start your day with your news feed or social media feed, then someone else (or something else) dictates your orientation.

With an intentional morning routine, you decide where to orient yourself. Are you pointed to True North? When you are, every decision throughout the day relates to that initial course--either staying on course or diverting off of it. It is much easier to stay on the right course when you start on it than to find the right course when you've started on a different path.

For many, Faith is your True North. Your relationship with your creator is the foundation of every other value and choice in your life. And the first minutes of your day serve as your best opportunity to ground yourself in that faith.

What do you do each morning to orient yourself to True North?


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