Mid-Year Review

Jul 01, 2019


It's July 1st and this is an important day in the life cycle of a business owner or business leader. That is, it's the first day of Q3. It's the first day of the second half of the year. It's important to take stock of how your year is going. Actually dust off that business plan you worked on last fall or early winter and find out how are you doing compared to how you thought you would be doing by this time of year.

Now what many folks do is they get a little too fixated on a what are called the lag measures. The actual results of the business-- maybe, revenues or units closed or even profit. What we also want to do though is to review how are we doing on the lead measures? How are we doing on the plan that we created when we wrote that business plan. The business plan wasn't just about what results would we get but what activities we would take and we needed to compare our goal versus our actual as it relates to the results, but we also want to compare our goal versus actual as it relates to our lead activities.

Is your sales team doing the prospecting that they were supposed to be doing?

Did you send out the marketing that you were supposed to do?

Did you release that new product or that new content that was supposed to go out?

This is what we do when we do a mid-year review and it's super important that we focus on reviewing those activities less so than the big goals that we had because honestly, goals don't work nearly as well as really strong action plans and really strong systems. So take some time this week, the first week of the second half of 2019 to revisit your business plan and maybe go in for a reset. Recommit to the activities that you committed to so that you can get the results that you need for this year.


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