Index Card Your 2020 Business Plan

Oct 25, 2019

Whenever I ask business owners and real estate agents for their business plan, if they have one (few do), they often have to dig in a drawer and dust it off. They certainly have not been executing on it.

The Abundant Agent Business Plan fits on ONE index card. 

On one side, write the big vision for the year, including revenue, profit, and 1-2 key measures, like units sold or new clients.

On the other side, write three key rhythms: daily, weekly, and monthly. For your daily rhythm, what are the 3-4 activities you must complete daily? For your weekly rhythm, build an ideal week, where every day is different, but every week is the same. For example, follow up on Mondays, new business on Tuesdays, B2B on Wednesdays... Monthly, have a rhythm for projects or major marketing pieces and time with your money.

By having a simple execution strategy that you can achieve week in and week out, day in and day out, your big yearly vision will be guaranteed!


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