Daily Compass--How to Walk 1000 miles

Oct 10, 2019

1000 miles isn't that far. 2500 Sales calls is easy. Read 36 books, piece of cake!

Taken at once, any of these accomplishments looks daunting. Taken one day at a time, EVERY DAY, these are easy. Walk just 3 miles, make 10 sales calls, and read 20 pages and you will conquer the seemingly insurmountable. On any given day, these activities seem microscopic and ineffectual. Taken together, every day over the course of a year, and you are a transformed person!

Humans don't progress in a linear fashion. We progress along a parabolic curve (hockey stick graph). In the first days and months, very little seems to be happening. Given enough time, you'll be walking farther, building amazing client relationships, and reading more interesting, richer books. You're growth will be imperceivable until it is unmistakable.

The Daily Compass is your tool to stay on course.  Download today: theabundantagent.com/compass


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