Daily Compass-Consistency Beats Intensity

Oct 09, 2019

When you tell the story of your success, do you typically talk about the BIG events, massive failures and resounding victories. Or do you describe the minutes, hours, and days of consistent, semi-mundane activities that when accumulated make you the success you are?

If you desire more success, do you look for big, fast-working solutions? Or do you find those few small, incremental changes that when added up over the course of years will transform and transport you into your imagined future?

The fact is, consistency beats intensity. Your life IS the result of thousands and millions of SMALL* decisions and actions. The Daily Compass is your tool to execute on these small, consistent actions that make big, intense abundance. 

Download the Daily Compass Tool TODAY: theabundantagent.com/compass


*Yes, I am aware that it's ironic to write the word SMALL in all-caps


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