Assessing the Value of Your Business

Jan 07, 2020

Self-Assessment--What Value is my Work

Who benefits from my work/ business?  Be specific. Think of who is directly affected (eg Bob the customer) AND who is indirectly affected (Bob’s family, Bob’s neighborhood, Bob’s employees).  It’s not just your clients and customers who benefit from your business and work. Think of your employees, managers, bosses. Consider your vendors, neighbors, networks. Don’t forget the non-human beneficiaries of your business--the earth, the environment, plants, and animals. 

Why is anyone paying me in the first place?  What is the value and richness of life that the people paying me get?  Someone is giving you money in exchange for something, what is it? By the way, if you sell a product, it’s NOT the product, it’s what the product does for them. No one, and I mean NO ONE, wants a car. They want transportation, freedom, status, nostalgia, something...but not a car. This is why new sales people are always taught “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.” Because no one wants a steak, they want the experience of eating a steak and all the good things that come with that. What is the sizzle that people get from you that they are happy to be paying for.

What is life-giving to me about my work? Once a while back, you got a job or started a business.  You picked up the phone and called your mom. “I did it, I got the job! Starting Monday, I get to do all the things I love doing!” What is it that you LOVE about your job. What is life-giving, soul-filling, and enriching about your work? This will reveal much of the value that is in your work. 

Now, if after doing this, you realize, you are not providing as much value to the world as you’d like. Perhaps, you’ve uncovered that the people who are paying you are being overcharged or maybe not paying you enough. Similarly, you may think, “It’s been months since I got to do the things in my job that I love doing.” I have great news for you! That’s what this book is all about. Now that you’ve found the value in your work, you know how to increase your value in your workplace, to your employer or customers (and all stakeholders)  and you’ll learn the skills to do more of what matters every single day.


Who benefits from my work/ business?____________________________________________

Why is anyone paying me in the first place?________________________________________

What is life-giving to me about my work?___________________________________________


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