Abundance Now!

Dec 03, 2019

How do we experience abundance now?

So many of us our motivated and ambitious, which means we are thinking about and working toward a better future. Often this leads to a sense of lack. How so? We may find ourselves saying, "I'll be happy when..." "I will start doing that once I have..." Abundance thinking starts with NOW. Right now, we can be thankful and happy. Right now, we can do the things we know we ought to without waiting.

One example from a client of mine is health. He found himself saying, "I am so busy and financially we are strapped. I'll take care of my health when we have more money for a gym membership and I have more time when work slows down. When we exposed this as an area where he did not live in abundance, I asked, "If you had to take care of your health NOW, how would you do it?" He created a simple nutrition and exercise plan (mostly a healthy breakfast and walking daily) that he could start now, even before the fancy gym and full-time staff nutritionist and chef.

Where are you waiting for abundance?


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